Business Coach for Executives 4.0

Whether it's the increasing shortage of skilled workers, the digitalisation or the transformation of your business model: as a leader, you are challenged more than ever in times of Industry 4.0. In addition to your professional expertise, this requires completely new leadership skills.


I support you in these challenges:

Employee retention

You want to be the boss everyone likes to work for? An excellent idea! Because thanks to a fluctuation cost analysis, you know better than I do what it costs you to lose an employee. Retain new A-level employees and increase ROI based on neuroscientific findings! Learn to develop and strengthen your leadership personality and competence for employee retention in my coaching!


A lack of suitable staff is increasingly a challenge for companies - economically and psychologically. As a manager, you are the linchpin for your employees. Because you provide orientation, trust, stability and action steps. With completely new quality of leadership, your charisma and coaching skills, you help your staff to achieve more productivity and psychological resilience in challenging times. As of this, your staff will also be happy to save your back!

Corporate resilience

Cohesiveness, trust, mental health and a shared understanding of values are key factors for a company to be able to deal with challenges in a resilient manner in times of change. This requires leaders who can act and lead in a particularly self-reflective, mindful and balanced way between operational and employee-related work.

Take advantage of my Coaching, Consulting and Training services to strengthen your leadership and retention skills and to be positioned for success in times of Turbo-Change!


As a professional Systemic Business Coach, Business Economist and HR Management Economist with over 30 years of wide-ranging professional experience in internationally operating corporations such as Procter&Gamble, the Gillette Group and Braun AG, I will be happy to accompany you in mastering your considerable challenge.

Bild zeigt Heike Kallert - die Coach für Führungskräfte 4.0 und Führungskräfteentwicklung

Yours, Heike Kallert

Heike Kallert

Bild zeigt Heike Kallert beim Unterschreiben eines Coaching-Vertrags.

100% confidentiality

Professional secrecy

Value-free communication

Pragmatic and solution-oriented

Appreciative, personal, individual

With heart & mind

Free initial consultation

Member of


Your initial consultation is 100% free of charge.

My attitude to Business Coaching

I see myself as a professional projection aid for all those who are looking for a solution. 

And it is important for me to say: I do not solve the problem. I use creative questions to detach my clients from their problem so that they can find a good approach to develop their own useful solutions.  

For this I create a 100% confidential and trusting framework for thinking and feeling.  

For me, Coaching is accompanied transformation and not just theoretical information. If clients only want "information", then I am talking about counselling or training.

My self-claim

Professionalism and quality in distinction to the swamp of the current coaching market are of great concern to me. I am a committed member of the DCV Deutscher Coaching Verband e.V. and follow the quality standards and ethical guidelines at the highest level.  

Depending on the occasion, my Coaching sessions are composed of a mix of Systemic, Solution-focused and Behavioural therapy approaches.

My fee is based on the fee recommendation of

Executive Coaching & Consulting

in the Frankfurt Rhine-Main area

You can hire me for this:

Gaining competencies for employee retention

Developing your leadership personality

Expanding your coaching skills

Solving difficult decision-making situations

Clarification and regulation of conflicts

Accompany organisational changes

Sensitisation to generational needs

Dealing with cultural differences

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Your initial consultation is 100% free of charge.

Executive Coaching
Presence or Online

1.5 hours
multiple Sessions

Complex topics
Generating insights,
options for solutions
and actions

Bild zeigt Heike Kallert im Gespräch mit einem Klienten beim Business Coaching.

Short Term
Presence or Online

1 hour
one session

Ad hoc topics
Intensive and fast
generation of solutions

Bild zeigt Heike Kallert beim Führungskräfte 4.0 und Führungskräfteentwicklung Coaching mit einem männlichen Klienten.

Business Coaching & Training

in the Frankfurt Rhine-Main area

You can hire me for this:

Onboarding of new hires

Team building for appreciative cooperation

Team effectiveness with a focus on the essentials

Self-management for more personal responsibility

Clarifying and regulating team conflicts

Innovation workshop for more productivity

Non-violent communication and "I" messages

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Your initial consultation is 100% free of charge.

On site

min. 6 hours
by arrangement

by arrangement

Heike Kallert Coaching am WhiteboardBild von Stiften die beim Heike Kallert Coaching benutzt werden.

Team Coaching
On site

min. 8 hours
by arrangement

Complex topics
Generating of future vision, options for solutions and actions