Bild zeigt Heike Kallert beim coaching von Change & Neuorientierung
Kallert Coaching for Executives 4.0

Need to tell your employees everything 10 times?

Find out in just 30 minutes how the younger generation blindly trusts your leadership, you retain A-level talents for the long term and how to increase your ROI.

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Frankfurt Rhein-Main

Business Coaching

for Executives 4.0

Have you ever wondered how it feels to be a popular boss and that, despite the far too high demands of your employees?

Your 3 biggest advantages of our cooperation.

Take the pressure off! Gain reliable employees to whom you don't have to explain everything 10 times AND free time for your core business.

Increase your ROI. Experience how to retain A-level employees for the long term without having to pay expensive trainers and consultants.

The truth about employee leadership. Become the charismatic boss everyone trusts. Through empathy and a good feeling for your own needs.

In my business coaching, we work together to identify your brand new leadership behaviour, which will bring long-term benefits to your employees AND to yourself.

Executive Coaching & Consulting

in the Frankfurt Rhine-Main area

You can hire me for this:

Gaining competencies for employee retention

Developing your leadership personality

Expanding your coaching skills

Solving difficult decision-making situations

Clarification and regulation of conflicts

Accompany organisational changes

Sensitisation to generational needs

Dealing with cultural differences

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Your initial consultation is 100% free of charge.

Executive Coaching
Presence or Online

1.5 hours
multiple Sessions

Complex topics
Generating insights,
options for solutions
and actions

Bild zeigt Heike Kallert im Gespräch mit einem Klienten beim Business Coaching.

Short Term
Presence or Online

1 hour
one session

Ad hoc topics
Intensive and fast
generation of solutions

Bild zeigt Heike Kallert beim Führungskräfte 4.0 und Führungskräfteentwicklung Coaching mit einem männlichen Klienten.

Business Coaching & Training

in the Frankfurt Rhine-Main area

You can hire me for this:

Onboarding of new hires

Team building for appreciative cooperation

Team effectiveness with a focus on the essentials

Self-management for more personal responsibility

Clarifying and regulating team conflicts

Innovation workshop for more productivity

Non-violent communication and "I" messages

Find out more about our cooperation.

Your initial consultation is 100% free of charge.

On site

min. 6 hours
by arrangement

by arrangement

Heike Kallert Coaching am WhiteboardBild von Stiften die beim Heike Kallert Coaching benutzt werden.

Team Coaching
On site

min. 8 hours
by arrangement

Complex topics
Generating of future vision, options for solutions and actions

Bild zeigt Heike Kallert lehnend an einer Wand und in die Kamera lächelnd.

Why choose me?

My name is Heike Kallert and as a Business Coach I aim to make you the most popular boss ever.

Years of Experience

I have over 30 years of experience in international corporate management. Based on my professional CV, I understand both the challenges as a manager and as an employee.  

My holistic view of diverse talents and needs of different hierarchical levels, roles, generations and cultures flows into my work as a Business Coach in a substantial way.

You will benefit from this in my Coaching.

In-Depth Knowledge

Professionalism is my top priority!

I do not solve your problem. I detach you from the problem with creative questions so that you can find a good approach more quickly in order to develop your own solutions. Solutions which are help- and useful for you and which have a tangible and lasting effect. 

I often hear: "Coaching costs time & money.
But I tell you: "NO Coaching costs much more - specifically employees, productivity and quite often health." Ask your fluctuation cost analysis what this means for you pecuniarily.

That‘s why I‘m deeply convinced that my pragmatic and solution-oriented Coaching approaches will help you in the long run to become an even better leader.

Proven Success

My clients achieve outstanding results. For example, I was able to get an Entrepreneur to take action just through a single 45-minute Coaching session.  

He achieved his goal after only 2 months and got his 500 employees to come back after lockdown-period to the office regularly. Without the insights gained from our coaching, he might have taken much longer and experienced stronger resistance.  

What my clients say?
"How do you come up with such questions? You have really set my thinking spirals on fire. I would never have thought that such a little experimentation would produce such insights. This is the right place to be!"

How does a 90-minute Coaching session work?

Goal clarification
What is your boldest hope you want to take away as a result of our joint Coaching process?

Reality check & Change process
The solution does not care why your problem arose. What would be a first small step towards your future vision?

Action plan
What surprising insights do you draw from our session? What concrete steps can you take now?

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